BOS Energy Management

Dirt works and Excavation

Welcome to BOS Energy Management

BOS Energy Management began its journey with one employee and a dream. Brian Schulz began performing Ground Disturbance Supervision for various oilfield customers as well as installing underground cables for customer's electrical services. We were then known as the ground disturbance gurus.

BOS Energy Management

Energy deregulation just came into effect and most companies did not know who to contact to get power installed to sites. BOS Energy Management looked after consulting with the utilities to get electrical energy to site, along with all the ground disturbance, and even quoting the electrical installation.

This was going well until the economy picked up and it was impossible to book equipment for jobs that is when BOS Energy decided it was time to buy some equipment. Now BOS Energy can perform many other duties as well as road building, landscaping, dozer projects etc.

BOS began with a small skid steer and a small excavator then began installing all the services ourselves, and BOS is still growing.

As mentioned in "What We Do" you will see the list of equipment we have collected and utilized over the last few years and always upgrading.