BOS Energy Management

Dirt works and Excavation

What We Do

BOS Energy's Equipment list has grown over the past 15 years and now offer a variety of services to the oilfield, commercial, agricultural and residential communities. Some of the services we offer are:

BOS Energy Management
  • Crawler Dozer Services

  • Gravel sales and delivery

  • Snow removal (even hand shoveling)

  • Skid Steer Projects from 60HP to 95 HP sizes tracks or tires

  • Vibration drum packer, we have a smooth drum and a sheepfoot drum

  • Hydraulic Excavators,  from 6 tonne to 27 tonne

We have numerous attachments for all our equipment and always growing. (Attachments are like tools, can never have enough).

We perform several projects in the area from road building, lease clearing, mulching/mowing, tow services, building pads, water lines, landscaping, snow removal / hauling and these are just some of the task we love to perform. We are a credited Allan Block installer.

If we don't have what you need, we will get it.